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The Forces March has rapidly become a benchmark endurance event in the UK.

The event attracts many military teams and runners of all abilities as well as people who want to challenge themselves and be a part of something special.


Many participants find the march a very daunting challenge and most wish they had trained more for hills. However, EVERY participant looks back at the march with great fondness and memories of an incredible adventure. We are very proud of the fact that participants return year after year having enjoyed the event so much.


The bond that forms between the individuals and teams along the way is remarkable. The atmosphere at the overnight camp stops is very special indeed and many friendships have been formed. We've even had one couple who met on TheFM10 get married recently!


  • Almost 1000 people have taken part in The Forces March since it began in 2010.

  • The event has so far raised in excess of £500,000 for The Veterans Charity.

  • The oldest participant ever is 83 year old Bedford Harrier, Iva Barr who took part in 2011.

  • In 2015, Royal Artillery soldier, Jamie Candian, became the first person ever to RUN the entire route carrying a full pack - 20kgs!

  • 5 'Forces Marchers' were selected to be Olympic 2012 Torch bearers.

  • In 2016, the team from 105 Bn REME set a new record for the most amount raised by a military team - £6000!

  • It takes a team of nearly 50 people to build and run the campsites, manage the route and ensure the participants are fed, watered and safe.

  • The participants get through well in excess of a TON AND A HALF of bottled water during the five days.

  • In 2016, Kris Washington from the University of Birmingham Air Squadron team ran the awe-inspiring Crowcombe Hill in 9mins and 12 secs!


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