The Veterans Charity was founded in March 2008 to support UK Veterans of all generations.


The Veterans Charity supports Veterans of all generations by supplying essential provisions directly to those in need.


We provide items including food shopping, clothing, household items , utilities support and smartphones to aid vital communication.


We also spend a great deal of time providing guidance and advice. Our average turn-around time from initial assessment to provision is less than 48 hours!


The Veterans Charity works closely with many other charities and organisations to ensure that those we support are offered appropriate long-term support for any issues they may face outside of our remit.


Registered Charity No. 1123149

“what seem small things to some people, mean so much to us! I can’t thank you enough. You are a truly amazing charity who have gone above and beyond with no fuss or delay. You have really pulled us from the bottom and literally saved our family!”


“Just to let you know that the washing machine was delivered this morning – they even took the broken one away! I am very, very grateful to you. I still cannot believe you were able to act in such a short amount of time!”


“THANK YOU VC! I cannot tell you what a relief it is to know that someone is there to help when everything seemed so desperate and to find a charity which didn’t feel like they were judging my problems as my fault or my failure!”