for Overcoming Adversity


Named in honour of Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson MBE of 7 Para RHA who was severely injured when his vehicle hit an IED in Afghanistan in 2006. Ben suffered dozens of injuries including the loss of both legs, brain damage, shattered right arm, numerous broken ribs and fingers, ruptured spleen and several fractures to his spine.


Ben has astounded everyone with his remarkable determination and incredible courage. His family were once told that Ben would not be capable of much more than being bed-ridden in a care home.

Ben walked several hundreds yards of The Forces March on prosthetic legs in 2010 and hasn't looked back since. Ben walks unaided, skydives, kayaks and inspires many people around the world!


for Most Outstanding Male


Captain Mark Hale served with 2 Rifles. In 2009, Mark hoped to lead a team on the RUN TO PEGASUS event for The Veterans Charity but was unable to take part as his battalion were deployed to Afghanistan. Undeterred, Mark created an event for his team where they used rowing machines to cover the equivalent distance from Sangin to Pegasus Bridge. The team of just 8 personnel covered 5700kms in just 30 days, often completing several hours of rowing after a day of being on patrol!


On 13th August 2009, Mark was tragically killed by an IED whilst trying to save the life of a colleague who had been caught in a previous blast.


Captain Mark Hale was by all accounts, an extraordinary man and this trophy is named in his honour.


for Most Outstanding Female


Corporal Sarah Bryant served with the Intelligence Corps and was tragically killed when the Land Rover she was travelling in, hit an IED on 17 June 2008. Sarah was the first female soldier to be killed in Afghanistan.


An outstanding soldier, Sarah showed great skill and dedication during her career and was awarded a medal by the US Army and was described as "a great credit to the British Army.


for Most Outstanding Military Team


This beautiful trophy is over 160 years old and was donated to The Veterans Charity by Major (Ret'd) Michael Massy-Beresford and his niece, Helen Massy-Beresford.


The cup is presented to the most outstanding military team on The Forces March.


It is presented for determination, teamwork, fundraising and organisation. It is awarded for esprit de corps, endeavour and spirit.


Previous winners:

2010 - 158 Para Provost Coy

2011 – 5 Medical Regt

2012 – 7 RIFLES

2013 – RAF Northolt

2014 - 3 Regt RMP

2015 - 504 Sqn RAF Wittering

2016 - University of Birmingham Air Squadron

2017 - 105 Bn REME

2018 - Defence School of Healthcare

2022 - Commando Logistics Regiment


for Community Spirit


Drummer Lee Rigby was a very popular soldier, father and son. His murder caused shock around the world and left his family, friends and colleagues devastated by his loss.


Lee died on the 22nd May 2013 which happened to be the second day of The Forces March that year and the shock of his death was very much felt by everyone on the event that year, especially the many serving personnel that were taking part.


In tribute to Lee and with the blessing of his parents, Lyn and Ian Rigby, this special cup is awarded for Community Spirit on The Forces March. It is awarded to a person or team that has done the most to bring people together or to raise moral, inspire or encourage the best in others. It is very much felt that Lee would naturally have been a multiple recipient of this award.


for Most Outstanding Support Team/Crew Member


Peter French served in the Royal Green Jackets and was a vital part of the operations team on The Forces March from 2010-2013.


Peter's natural leadership skills and outstanding organisational abilities meant that he brought a great deal to the event each year, managing not only the crucial task of water management along the entire route but also securing sponsorship each year of more than 1 TON of bottled water.


Peter was a hugely popular member of the team, much admired for his sense of humour and his dedication to the task.


Peter was unable to attend the event in 2014 and 2015 due to ill health but came to the finish in 2015 to cheer the participants home. He hoped to return in 2016. Sadly, Peter lost his battle with cancer in December 2015.


He is much missed and will be remembered fondly by everyone on the event and this special award is named not only in his honoour but also as a tribute to the fabulous impact he had on the event.


for Top Fundraising Performance By An Individual

Vince Wellington served in the Royal Green Jackets and was a vital part of the operations team on The Forces March from 2010-2016 and also a long-serving volunteer for the charity helping to raise many thousands of pounds over the years..

Vince's dedication and passion meant that he was a hugely popular members of the team each year. He would constantly asking about the most recent support cases and was always so proud of everything that the charity achieved.


Vince was once again part of the team in 2016 and did everything he could to help despite his failing health - he was never one to "led the lads down". Sadly, Vince passed away after a short stay in a hospice in February 2017.

He is missed by many participants of the march and everyone on the Ops Team. On day 4 of The Forces March 2017, over 130 people stopped in Somerton town centre, a place that Vince was very fond of, to lay a wreath to him on the war memorial. The group was joined by members of Vince's family including his wife, Lesley.


for Top Fundraising Performance By A Team


Protective Security was formed by Paul Parker, a former service Policeman who served 13 years in HM Armed Forces, before being medically retired. Paul has completed The Forces March on four occasions!
In 2016, he donated a spectacular trophy to the event and it is presented each year to the Top Fundraising Performance By A Team.